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Vision Mission


Horrible fact: Not only do commercial cleaning products heavily pollute the air inside your home as well as damage the earth’s ozone, but most of these toxic chemicals end up directly in our rivers and oceans, polluting our water and killing aquatic life, contributing significantly to the environmental crisis and global warming.

Good news: Green Bee is changing the way we consume our essential home cleaning products, and in so doing, ensuring we improve the long-term health of us humans, animals and our precious environment. 

We do this by providing environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning products of the highest quality to households and businesses like yours, meeting all your needs effectively, affordably, aesthetically and most importantly of all – making refilling easy. 

Our products are biodegradable, plant-based, petrochemical free, sustainably sourced, cruelty-free and locally made, and cover the full range of what you need to keep your home and office clean, sanitised and sparkly.  We’re also committed to operating and teaching you how you can become a part of the circular model that starts with reduce, reuse, recycle… and ends up with us eliminating all waste – a priceless gift from us to our next generation.  Now that really IS good news, isn’t it?


Five key pillars underpin our products and service:


Our products work, consistently and easily, dispelling the myth that eco-friendly products don’t work as well as their commercial alternatives, so this means you don’t have to compromise on getting things done on the cleaning and sanitising front. 


Priced to compete with big brand supermarket staples, we believe that being environmentally responsible does not have to break the household budget. Advances in production, growing demand to be part of the “green” and “planet-responsible” movement and the realisation we are running out of time have brought prices down – pleasantly so! 


We are committed to you generating zero waste from your consumption of cleaning products, so we collect and reuse our packaging indefinitely in partnership with you. We understand too that many of you have busy lives, without the time to dedicate to visit refill stores, so the good news is it’s part of our service to you.


Who says environmental products can’t also be beautiful? Our products are beautiful inside and out, with minimal and beautiful packaging making the arduous task of cleaning more enjoyable, and mild botanical scents creating a feeling of refreshed calm in your space. 


Our products are sold directly online in sets that contain beautiful countertop bottles together with a bulk refill container so you can do your refilling in the comfort of your own home. Our convenient service includes delivery directly to you and the collection of empty containers for cleaning and reuse, in an efficient circular system that eliminates waste and drastically reduces our carbon footprint1.

Collection service currently available in the Cape Town Area, with plans to expand this into other major cities in South Africa.


The Circle of Life

We are committed to delivering the highest quality products and service and educating everyone on how to operate with us on a circular model that eliminates waste and inefficiencies.

Candid Communication

We love feedback from customers and the sort of open communication that prompts change – which is never easy.  We are evangelists of implementing needed change that is also in line with your needs and that will have us all “living better”. 

Consistently Trustworthy

We want you to be able to trust fall – and by that we mean count on us to operate our business in a consistent and reliable manner so you can always depend on us for your home cleaning essentials – as your first-choice, go-to, always-there supplier who is dedicated to being a tangible improvement on the what’s already out there.