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Medium Biodegradable Refuse Bags - 50 bags per roll

Medium Biodegradable Refuse Bags - 50 bags per roll

R 280.00

50 x 38 litre bags

EnviroChange’s Biodegradable and Plant-Based Refuse Bags are made from a renewable resource called Cassava Starch, which is a root vegetable. Our bags breakdown in any environment they land up in, so that you can recycle and dispose of refuse with peace of mind that the bag is gentle on the surface.

The Medium-Sized Refuse Bags are perfect for home, business & retail use. Our bags are a certified alternative to regular plastic, proven to be leak proof and the ability to hold approximately 12kg.

Packaging is made from 100% recycled paper.


  • Bag dimensions: 70 cm x 35 cm
  • 32 Microns ( Kind, but strong! )
  • ISO14855-2 Certified (Internationally Approved)
  • TUV OK Biobased (Internationally Approved)

Did You Know?
For every 24 Rolls of EnviroChange Bags sold, 1 tree is planted.